Kodi for Firestick – Download and Install Kodi 17.3

Do you look for how to download and install Kodi for firestick? Amazon firestick comes with applications like Hulu, Netflix and more apps. But most of the application have subscriptions that charge your credit card. Only a few free feature comes with Amazon fire stick. A lot of people look for alternative application for firestick that comes with a free feature. There are many alternative apps for firestick you can install. The most popular apps for firestick is Kodi app.


Kodi for Firestick
Kodi for Firestick

Kodi for Firestick : is it Legal?

Like the other Android based device, you can modify your firestick for more experience. In this case adding kodi to your firestick apps is legal, because kodi is a legal application. Kodi is great entertainment application. Kodi can play music, movie, even streams live tv from the online source. If you look for jailbreak firestick, installing kodi to your firestick is the best.

Firestick Downloader App

Amazon fire tv stick is android base device. But not like another android device that use Android OS, Amazon firestick has it own OS that is fire OS. So if you want to install apk to your fire tv stick it’s little bit different from the general Android device. If on the general android OS you can use google play store or any apk online market. On the Amazon fire tv stick you have to use different feature like Downloader App or ES File Explorer. The easiest to use is Downloader App, it’s integrated with browser app. So if you want to download kodi on your fire tv stick, you have to install Downloader App first. You can install downloader app by following step below.

How to Install Downloader App on Firestick

  1. First of all, open your fire tv stick apps, and go to the Settings/System menu.
  2. Move left to the Device menu and press it.
  3. Scroll Down to the Developer Options setting.
  4. Turn on Unknown Sources setting.
  5. Turn on ADB Debugging setting.
  6. Back to firestick Home screen.
  7. On above-left menu, find Search icon and press it.
  8. Type ‘Downloader App’ in the search box or. You can also use voice search, hold down voice button on remote and speak ‘Downloader App’.
  9. Download app by pressing ‘Get‘.
  10. Download and install will start automatically, wait until installation finish.

You can read complete guide on how to install Downloader App (picture) on bottom section of this page.

How to Download and Install Kodi for Firestick

  1. First of all, you have to Install Downloader App.
  2. Open Downloader App and type ‘http://kodi.tv/download’ correctly on the URL box.
  3. Kodi official download site will appear. Scroll down to Old Releases and press it.
  4. On the next page, select Android version because amazon firestick is android base device.
  5. Select ARM device.
  6. Find kodi-17.3-Krypton-armeabi-v7a.apk and press it. This is the kodi installer for amazon fire tv stick.
  7. The download progress will show next after you select the apk. The file size is about 83 MB.
  8. After download finished, it will automatically open install page. Press install on right-bottom menu.
  9. Wait for installation finish, there will be notification when it finish and ready to launch.
  10. Launch kodi application. It need some seconds to prepare kodi for first time.

You can read complete guide on how to install kodi for firestick (with picture) on the bottom of this page.

How to Move Kodi Apps to Firestick Home Screen

After installing kodi for firestick, you may ask how to move kodi icon to firestick home screen. It’s make you easy to find and launch kodi from your firestick.

  1. Go to your firestick home screen.
  2. Select Your Apps menu.
  3. Move left to the Select All Apps menu and press it.
  4. Find kodi icon and then long press it. There will be options appear in the right section.
  5. Select Move to Front and there will be a kodi shortcut in front firestick menu.

That is all step on how to install kodi for firestick. If you facing any problems, please comments below. We will help you on installing kodi to your fire tv stick.